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So some of my photography is going in the slideshow below...check it out and if you are interested contact me to book a session!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

This weekend we had a baby shower for Baby Grey! Mia put everything together and it was sooooo wonderful! Decor was great, food was great (especially the lemoncello cupcakes!), people were great and so were the gifts! Devin made an awesome baby cake and Mia had all the cute mason jars with pictures of me, Seth and the belly inside them. There was also a clothes line to hang all the cute outfits for Grey on! We just need to get started on completing Grey's room now! With the move, teaching summer school, photography etc. we have not had time to get his room finished! Now that we have actual baby things to put in it I guess we better get to work! Thank you to everyone who came and helped out! Dad- thanks for letting us use your house! We really appreciate it! Mia- thanks for hosting such and awesome shower! I had a blast!!!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sunday, July 11, 2010

This weekend was somewhat eventful...we attempted to go to a movie with Mark and Mia Saturday night after church, and left because tickets were sold out... Seth and I got a few movies from RedBox which our selections proved more successful than last time! Kim came by on Sunday afternoon to check out the house and show me the baby shower invites. We put Roo and Domino outside while she was over, however someone decided to start shooting fireworks in the street while they were outside (Domino is TERRIFIED of noises and lets not forget we live in the "upperclass getto" naturally fireworks would be shot during the middle of a Sunday afternoon!) Well Seth kept hearing something at the door and after a while he went to check it out and low and behold, Domino was at the FRONT door! Poor dog wanted in so bad that she had managed to escape the 6 foot privacy fence because no one would let her in through the back door so she decided to march herself to the front until someone LET HER IN! If you know Domino, this is amazing that she did not just run off, especially since we are in a new place! Needless to say, Seth and I were cracking up that she had somehow managed to get out and knew to come scratch on the front door!
Later that afternoon I came up with a few ideas for pictures of me, Seth and the growing belly and I had Mia capture them for us....she did awesome! We went down to the River Market and had some fun goofing off but getting some good pics in of our little family! Ended the night at the movies with Mark and Mia, which were not crowed this time...saw Grown Ups, which was really funny!