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Thursday, September 30, 2010

9 pounds and a prayer!

So Grey's one month doctor appointmentwent well! He weighed in at 8 pounds 15ouncesputting him at a gain of a little over 2 pounds! Yay! He is definitely filling out and changing every day!He had to get ashot...which he handled with a scream, but surprisingly was not effected by it after theinitial shock. Whewww!!! Ihave received an awesome owl candle holder from cute and unique! It goes great with the decor for Grey's room!

In other news it would be awesome if everyone would pray that Seth could be hired on at SWCC soon. Please pray that the church body continues growing (in every way!) and that Seth's passion to lead worship and help meet a need at the church would be fullfilled! Seth's dad is meeting with the district office people in the next few days to discuss needs at the roof, sound/media (you name it, the church needs it!) Pray that the needs would be met because SWCC is such a diverse place for people to meet together! That's about all for now! I will post updates on Grey and the church as they come!

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