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Friday, September 10, 2010


So on Friday the 27th our little boy made his arrival! The day started out normal enough for me...the only thing that seemed a little different was that my stomach was a teeny bit upset. I went about my day as usual...had to make a run to hobby lobby for some supplies to finish up a painting and then I when home to do just that. About 3 or so Seth came home and I started to feel a little crampy, no big deal because I thought you usually have contractions several days before and this was no contraction, just a crampiness. However, about 3o minutes later I began to notice a pattern and a stronger feel to what I though were "cramps." Seth and I needed to make a run to the bank so off we went! My "cramps" were closer together on our trip to the bank so I decided to call the medical exchange because my doc was out of town for the weekend. Seth was ready to take me to the Baptist as soon as we got back but I was NOT about to go to that hospital just for them to say "you are no where near ready to have this baby so go back home!" After talking to the nurse on call, I sort of knew what to look for...I guess. I didn't think this was really going to happen so I started a load of laundry when we got home. Mistake. Not long after I did that we left the house and where at the hospital at 5:30. I knew this was the real thing because I was hurting pretty bad. Apparently everyone and their dog were having babies at the same time because they sent me and another woman in labor to wait in the WAITING ROOM! I was there for a good 30 minutes. Just after 6 I was put in a room, told to pee in a cup, but my water broke before I got the chance so they just let me get in the bed. Well Grey's timing was fantastic because it was a SHIFT CHANGE! So Seth and I are freaking out ALONE in this labor room. Finally the nurse (thank you nurse Lezley you were so sweet!) came in and checked me...I was at 5 cm... I got my epidural around 8:20 or so because the anesthesiologist was swamped giving drugs to all the other women in labor. The nurse checked me again right after they laid me back down and got this big-eyed look on her face and said "go get the doctor because she's already at a 10!" (No wonder I felt like something was going to come out of me when they set me up for my epidural! Ha! Ha!) So about 15-20 minutes later Grey was here! The only part that wasn't so great was because Grey came SOOO fast, my epidural BARELY had time to catch up...felt everything until the last 2 or three pushes...ouch. But I wouldn't change it because I'd prefer a quick delivery over a long drawn out one! Seth was a champ the whole time...he kept me fanned off and even watched! (He had to sit down right after Grey came out but only for a minute!) Needless to say we are so proud and love our little Grey so much! He is such a sweet baby!


  1. UNBELIEVABLE! You are one LUCKY first time mom!! (The nurses probably told you that your experience is a little rare for your first baby!) Thanks so much for the story, I was really excited to hear it! (And kinda proud that the painting for Andrew is in the story :)
    Love you guys!

  2. I know! I can't believe he came so fast! Shipped your painting today! Should be arriving at your place sometime Tuesday! Yay!

  3. Beautiful baby Grey!!!!!!!!! I have been thinking about glad you had an easy delivery!...Love, your Louisiana mom